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Lesson 4.0

Spending Time...:
Overview of Chapter 4

Learning takes time, well spent

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The scarcest resource in life is time. Arguably, of all the resources we have to work with, it is the one most equally distributed - and most universally squandered.

Education is an investment of time. A year contains roughly 6,000 waking hours. By the age of seven or eight, school officially occupies about 1,000 of those hours. Reform efforts that relate to the use of time take two forms, broadly: make stronger use of existing time in school, or extend learning time beyond the traditional boundaries of the school day and the school year.

The latter idea, providing more learning time, is a particularly important strategy for getting all kids to achieve at high levels. It starts with the assumption that kids who start out with fewer economic advantages, or who struggle more academically, will do better if they are given more time in school.

What's in this Chapter?

We convinced Jeff to narrate a short video preview of each lesson. We hope you get a kick out of the awkward expressions we captured him in...

4.1 Preschool: Yes, Early Childhood Education Matters
California is far behind other states and nations in providing access to quality preschool. The research couldn't be more clear about the cost of inaction.
4.2 Class Size: How Big Should Classes Be?
Class sizes in California have been bigger than in other states for a long time. This chart paints a thousand words. And yes, it matters. | "Pack in the kids / pack 'em in tight / a few more in class / won't matter, right?"
4.3 School Hours: Is There Enough Time To Learn?
California's children spend less time in school than children elsewhere in the world. Here's why it matters.
4.4 Time Management: Spending School Time Well
Some teachers make masterful use of their time with students. Here's what they do. Of course, not all classrooms are so focused... | "Passing notes, cracking jokes / wasting time in school / why study when your buddy / tells you it's uncool?"
4.5 Extra Time and Tutoring: When Kids Need More Time and Attention
It’s unreasonable to expect all kids to learn at the same pace. Tutoring is one way to help, and technology is proving useful, too. | "With a teacher / just for me / I could reach / Berkeley"
4.6 Summer: Time to Learn, or Time to Forget?
"Summer learning loss" is real. It makes the achievement gap worse. | "Lazy summer days forgettin' / crazy bummer mathy lessons"
4.7 After School: What Should Happen After School?
Most American after school programs are not academic. | School adjourns / in the USA / in China they study / but here we play
4.8 Attendance: Don't Miss School!
When kids miss school, something is wrong. Absenteeism is a strong predictor of which students will not finish high school. What can schools do about it?
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