How To Win $1,000 for Your School

by Jeff Camp | May 11, 2017 | 3 Comments
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Read up on education issues and win for your school!

You're reading Ed100 because you want to help make schools better. But there's another angle, too: by learning about California's education system you can also win MONEY for your school's PTA.

Prizes for Schools

Whenever you complete a lesson on Ed100, you earn a ticket for your school on the Ed100 Leaderboard. Periodically, Ed100 holds drawings using those tickets as entries to win. The next drawing is coming up on November 15, 2017. See rules for details. No purchase is offered or required.

Ed100 provides a practical way for parent leaders, teachers and community members to learn about education issues, one lesson at a time. Go to to sign up or sign in and start earning those tickets! Congratulations to the winners of past drawings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the drawings on
These drawings encourage parent leaders to learn more about education issues and ideas by joining, using and discussing, a free online course.

How much can I win?
You, personally, can’t win anything in these drawings. Zero. But you could help your school's PTA.

Whenever you complete a lesson on Ed100, you earn a ticket in the next drawing.

Whoa, that’s awesome! Who funds these drawings?
All drawings held so far have been sponsored by the California State PTA, with a supporting grant from Full Circle Fund, a non-profit organization.

How much do tickets cost in the drawings?
Nothing. It’s FREE to enter, and Ed100 is FREE to use.

How do I enter? How do I get tickets for my school?
You sign up at, and earn tickets by completing lessons in We call them "lesson tickets." You can also earn "bonus tickets," for example by completing all the lessons in a chapter or by using Facebook to invite others to join in.

Do I have to finish the whole course to win for my school?
No. Each lesson you complete earns a ticket, even if you don't finish the course. (But when you DO complete the course, you earn extra bonus tickets!)

Is my school eligible to win?
See the rules for detailed eligibility requirements. The rules include a requirement that at least two people from your school must sign up for your school's PTA to be eligible to win. The purpose of this requirement is to promote discussion, which takes at least two!

My school's new to Ed100. Do we have a chance of winning?
Yes. Each drawing selects ONLY from tickets earned in the current school year (more specifically, after the last drawing of the prior school year). The Leaderboard, by contrast, reflects all tickets ever earned.

How do I improve the chances that my school will win?
There are four ways to earn more tickets:

  1. Complete lots of lessons on Ed100. Each lesson you complete earns a "lesson" ticket. Whenever you finish all the lessons in a chapter you earn bonus tickets!
  2. Invite others from your school to sign up. Lessons that THEY complete earn tickets in the drawing, too! Plus, you can earn bonus tickets by inviting them!
  3. Invite people from other schools to join. You earn bonus tickets for spreading the word via email or social media.
  4. Add useful comments to lessons and posts, for example by sharing a link to an article or sharing your insights with other readers. You can earn bonus tickets that way.

Can teachers, administrators, students and community members join, too?
YES, definitely. Use Ed100 to build your school community.

How can I get the most out of Ed100?
Create or join an Ed100 group at your school, in your community or online. Use it like a book club. By learning together you will have more fun, learn more, and have a much bigger chance of turning insights into actions for your school. (Your school will earn more tickets in the drawing, too!)

Who is operating the drawing?
The drawings are operated by the California State PTA, with support from Ed100.

Q: How can I know when drawings will be held?
Check this page, and/or Follow Ed100 on social media for news about that.

How much can my school win?
In past drawings, PTA units have been awarded prizes at two levels: $1,000 and $250.

What's in the fine print?
Read it here: /rules/

I'm interested in sponsoring a future drawing. How do I do that?
Contact Jeff Camp

Questions & Comments

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user avatar
Pepe October 12, 2016 at 10:39 pm
After starting the lessons I got addicted to finding out more information about our school system and how is works
user avatar
_MARTHA Ruvalcaba July 11, 2016 at 9:55 am
Looking forward on learning from ed100, to see how I can better assist the children in my community :)
user avatar
Jeff Camp September 22, 2016 at 1:01 pm
Thanks _MARTHA! We've just updated Ed100 to include a bunch of new content and functionality. I hope you like it!
user avatar
wmsbeaverbulletin April 3, 2015 at 8:37 pm
After lots of learning, I cannot wait to see what happened in the drawing!!
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