Ed100 Parent Leader Guide

Great resources for your Parent Meetings

This Parent Leader Guide provides "ready to go" plans for parent group meetings. We want to help you hold meetings that matter. It's all here: Lessons, discussion guides, handouts and suggestions for taking action.

You want to improve your school. We want to help you succeed. This Guide for Parent Leaders offers specific advice and practical tools to help you engage and support your school community. After all, how much that's worth doing can you really do all alone? Using these resources, you can build your school's capacity to face facts, work together, sharpen focus, or change direction.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Invite your board and school community to join Ed100.org.
    This Parent Leader Guide can help you find answers to important questions your parents have about schools and the school system. We've included links to lessons, discussion questions, meeting handouts, customizable communication samples, and Take Action suggestions.
  2. Use the lessons:
    • As Mini-Trainings for your board or leadership committee. These resources work well as informative training components that can be as brief as 15 minutes.
    • At your General Meetings as Parent Education/Legislative Advocacy Group Discussions.
    • As an informal book club with a small group of interested parents and teachers.
    • As formal learning material for committees to help provide a foundation for their work throughout the year.
  3. Get parents to sign up and sign in -- it's for their school.
    When you sign in, each lesson you complete on Ed100 earns a ticket in a drawing for your school's PTA. Having many participants creates momentum. It also boosts your school's position on the Ed100 leaderboard and earns more tickets. The purpose of the drawings is to help you create urgency and convert good intentions into action. Ed100 helps your school build a quantifiable record of meaningful engagement, suitable for use in your district's LCAP. And your PTA might win some money, too.

By having these conversations together, you will have more fun, learn more, and have a much bigger chance of turning insights into actions for your school. Many of the lessons in Ed100 are available in both English and Spanish, which can help you include more of your school community in the dialogue. Will you let us know how you use it in your school? If you have feedback or new ideas (or want to help out), please contact us.

Communication Samples

Email or Newsletter
(Suggested content you can customize and use)

Let's sign up for this!

I am writing to share an important resource, Ed100.org, that we will be using this year to help us learn more about our schools. Ed100.org is working with the California State PTA to create informed parent leaders.

By learning together, we will have more fun, learn more, and have a much bigger chance of turning insights into actions for our school. Each lesson takes about 5 to 8 minutes to read. So let’s get started.

  1. Sign up for Ed100.org (Also available en Español) It’s free.
  2. Please be sure to select our school in your profile when you sign up. This will help us keep track of our progress... and might help us win some money in one of Ed100.org’s drawings, too!
  3. Periodically I will send you a list of timely lessons to guide our discussions.
  4. You can find the full list of lessons on Ed100.org.

Looking forward to great conversations!

Social Media
(Suggested content you can customize and use)



We’re partnering with Ed100.org this year to learn more about California’s education system. Check it out: www.ed100.org (Be sure to log in and select our school to increase our chances in the drawing!)


Join us at our ____ meeting at _____ for community discussions. This month we’ll be learning more about ___ with Ed100. Looking forward to great conversations!



Looking forward to learning together and helping our students succeed w/ @ed100_ this year!


Join us at ____ to learn more about CA #education with @ed100_ and prepare to make a difference at our school!

Getting Ready for Your Meeting
(Sample Emails, Discussion Prompts, Handouts and More)

First Steps

  • Identify a member of your board or group who will help plan and lead the Ed100 discussions at your meetings. (That person might be you. For each topic we’ve done a lot of the prep work for you, as you'll see.)
  • Before each meeting: Invite your board and school community. Share the relevant Ed100.org lessons in advance so people come prepared for the discussion. (Customizable communication samples are included in this guide for you to cut and paste.)
  • Prepare for the topic. You don't have to be an expert. As the presenter, you are providing resources to help guide and direct the conversation. (Your cheat sheet is Ed100. Your in-house expert is your principal.)
  • Always anticipate that someone has not done their reading homework. The good news is the lessons are online and only take a few minutes to read.


Tips for Student Success from the California State PTA:
English,  Spanish, Tagalog,  Chinese, Arabic and  Vietnamese.

Learn More: Organizations and Resources

Learn More: Organizations and Resources

Ed100 Lesson 10.5: “A selection of the best education sites out there”

English Spanish

Videos about Ed100

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