Ed100 Just Got Better!

by Jeff Camp | October 3, 2016 | 0 Comments
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Welcome to the brand new Ed100.org!

We've upgraded the look and feel, improved the navigation, and added new resources to help you make a difference in your school and your community.

Yes. We are jazzed.

Our reason for existence is to help you make a difference in your schools. With this release, we’ve added lots of new features to help you.

What’s New?

Quite a bit:

  • New information and resources help keep you up-to-date on the latest in education -- including our new Parent Leader Guide, which can help you prepare great parent meetings.
  • New quizzes at the end of each lesson reinforce important ideas. (Complete these questions correctly to earn your "ticket" for each lesson. Answer them all to earn your Ed100 certificate.)
  • The new design works even better on phones and tablets.
  • Now it's super-easy to share lessons using email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (When you share lessons this way, you earn bonus tickets, too.)

Keeping the Good Stuff

Still free. Ed100 is still a FREE self paced online course to help you make a difference in California’s education system.

Still not magic. Learning doesn't happen magically. We created Ed100.org to make it easier for anyone to understand the system in California so they can do their part in making it work for kids. Today's room parents and site council members are tomorrow's school board leaders, legislators and mayors.

You can still win $1,000 for your school’s PTA.

With this release, we're starting fresh. Each ticket you earn is an entry in the next drawing, which is sponsored by the California State PTA with support from Full Circle Fund. On November 16, we will draw four winners using ONLY fresh tickets. If you have claimed tickets in past drawings, you can "refresh" them to qualify for the next drawing -- just go to Ed100.org and take the quizzes. We think you'll like them, and learn even more! Details here

New tools to develop teamwork at your school

The best way to use Ed100 is together. We set up the rules of the drawing to help you build teams -- for example, to win, you need at least two participants at your school. You can earn bonus tickets by sharing lessons, or by inviting others to join your team. Lately we've been thinking in practical terms about how to support Ed100 teams in schools and districts. Here are a few specific ideas and resources to help you:

How do you like the new Ed100? How else can we help you? Let us know!

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