Flush With Cash?

by Carol Kocivar | January 22, 2017 | 0 Comments
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In his inaugural address, President Trump said that America's public schools are "flush with cash". Let's take a look at what "flush with cash" really looks like.

The President has enrolled his son, Barron, at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, a private school in New York City. How does it compare with an average California public school?

Private School:

California's Public Schools




Per Student Funding

State Funds: $10,579
Total: About $15,000
incl. federal and local money.

Class Size

Grades 2-4
20 students
with 2 teachers

Grades 5-12
12 to 17 students

Class Size

25 students
with one teacher

Middle and High School
About 30 students

Library Staff

Available for all students

Students per librarian

7,896 to 1


College Counseling Program

Students per Counselor

792 to 1

After school

for all students

After school

Limited or non-existent
at many schools

Student Support

"Social workers,
school psychologists,
and counselors
at every level."

Student Support

1 Social Worker
per 12,870

1 Psychologist
per 1,265

Summer School


Summer School


Curriculum includes:

Arts, music, swimming,
yoga, drama, dance,
chess, technology

Curriculum varies:

Schools struggle
to provide students
with broad options

Teacher Salaries

Average above $100,000.
(plus fully paid health insurance)


Teacher Salaries

Average $72,868
(minus varying employee
contributions for
health insurance)


Which school is "flush with cash"? Based on this data, it certainly is not a California public school. On a cost-adjusted basis, California's school system consistently ranks among America's most poorly funded.

Shouldn't all children have the opportunity for a tremendous public education?

Ed100.org helps demystify the education system so that you can help make it better. What are your thoughts on school funding? Contact us at Carol@ed100.org

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