Suggested Education Donations for 2019

by Jeff Camp | November 23, 2019 | 1 Comment
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Please Support Your Education Nerds

The end of the year is a crucial time for nonprofit organizations. Maybe you're thinking about making some donations.

May I offer a few thoughts?

California's education system depends on two things that are easy to take for granted:

  • Volunteer leaders. The system assumes a continually-replenished base of volunteer public servants in each of California's more than 10,000 school communities, from student council members to PTA leaders to site council members to school board members.
  • Relevant Knowledge. The system assumes that these volunteer public servants are well-informed and ready for their roles.

Perhaps because volunteers work for free, it is easy to underestimate their value. It's also easy to neglect them.

Organizations Need Your Support

A few lean non-profit organizations serve as the sources of light that make it possible to navigate and improve California's education system. They provide information and connections that can make education volunteers effective.

These organizations need support. Will you consider donating to them this holiday season?

EdSource. If you are able to make only one donation in support of California's education system this year, please donate to EdSource. This small non-profit organization is the definitive news source of record for California's turbulent education sector. California's school system could not operate effectively without it. EdSource depends on donations, and right now is an outstanding time to give. Through Newsmatch, donations of up to $1,000 are double-matched. The California education system is complex and always changing. Ed100 explains the issues plainly, one topic at a time so that volunteers can get up to speed quickly and make a difference. It is a free, self-paced online course written with three audiences in mind: parent leaders, student leaders, and school board candidates. Thanks to donations, Ed100 is free, and we are able to offer it in English and Spanish. We would be honored and grateful for your support through Full Circle Fund (please specify Ed100).

PTAs. People often make a holiday donation to their own school's PTA, which is great. While doing that, please also consider a year-end donation to support your PTA Council or PTA District. These modest regional non-profit organizations are an under-appreciated example of what makes America. They provide critical training for PTA volunteers, and in the process they build bridges between school communities.

There are many other worthy education-related non-profit organizations, of course, many of which we rely on frequently for their expertise. We list some of them in the final lesson of Ed100.

Thank you,


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Leslie1 December 15, 2019 at 2:14 pm
I donated to Ed100 through Full Circle Fund. Being a former reporter, I can attest to the unbelievably high journalistic standard they demand. Ed100 is a true gift to our education community! (Plus, I'm forever grateful for the privilege of writing the occasional blog.) Happy Holidays!
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