Winners Announced: California's Best-Informed School Communities

by Jeff Camp | December 8, 2017 | 1 Comment
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California's Best-informed School Communities

Congratulations to the winners of the first Ed100 drawing of the 2017-18 school year! Checks are on their way to the PTAs of five lucky schools!

Image: Five of the fifteen Ed100 graduates at Beacon Park school, California's best-informed school community.

Of course, luck was only part of it. Participants earned tickets in this drawing by learning about California's changing education system. Ed100 explains the important topics one by one in short lessons. Each takes about five minutes to complete and concludes with a single quiz question. When participants answer the quiz correctly, they earn a ticket for their school.

The Ed100 Leaderboard shows the number of tickets earned by participants at your school, and at schools throughout your district and county. Check it to see your own school's progress. With the school year only half-over, participants across the state have already earned nearly 9,000 tickets.

The Winners

The big winner in the drawing was Beacon Park school in Irvine, California, which edged out King/Drew Medical Magnet High for the title of California's Best-Informed School Community for the December 2017 drawing. At Beacon Park, 32 participants signed up for Ed100. Nearly half passed every quiz offered, becoming Ed100 graduates.

"Ed100 clearly distills the key concepts EVERY parent should know," said Caryn Cherry, who drives parent engagement activities for Beacon Park's PTA. "Our PTA board set a clear goal: we would become Ed100 graduates, not just sign up for a few lessons. Then, we invited our spouses and other friends to participate. We feel like we are just beginning to tap into what Ed100 can do to strengthen our school community."

"What we loved most is that each lesson took 5-8 minutes to finish," said Dima Anqud of Dougherty Valley High School. "Each lesson helped us gain more awareness about our school systems, and gave us pathways to advocate for our school. Our hope for the next drawing is to get more of our parent community and school administrators to use this great resource. Winning the drawing is the cherry on top!"

Here are all of the winners of the December 7 drawing:

December 7, 2017




Beacon Park

Irvine Unified


Dougherty Valley High School

San Ramon Valley Unified


Bancroft Middle School

San Leandro Unified


Charlotte Wood Middle School

San Ramon Valley Unified


San Ramon Valley High

San Ramon Valley Unified


Make Your Own Luck

The parents at Beacon Park earned a lot of tickets, but this is a drawing. Luck plays a role. If your school wasn't lucky this time, good news: you get another chance. The second and final drawing of this school year is scheduled for May 10, 2018. To win, your school's PTA must be in Good Standing as certified by the California State PTA, and you must have at least two participants. Tickets only count in the drawing if they are earned in the current school year. (Want more? Check the full rules.)

Why do we hold these drawings? We do it to help school communities. The lessons in Ed100 establish a clear way to become informed about California's education system, intentionally. The drawings help school leaders and PTA leaders create urgency -- a reason to get informed now rather than later or never.

Time flies, and the May 10 drawing will arrive before you know it. In January, why not try this: commit a PTA meeting to learning about the education system. Ask everyone at the meeting to pull up on their phone, sign up and try a lesson or two. Your PTA might win -- and it might lead to the real prize, which is developing a well-informed school community that can work together to improve.

Congratulations to the Winners!

What do you think? Drop me a note!

-- Jeff

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PSTITT March 13, 2018 at 3:49 pm
Congrats to the King Drew PAC PTSA for generating participation!!!!
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