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by Jeff Camp | November 17, 2023 | 0 Comments
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Installment #3 of ten!

Who are California's teachers, and what do they need to succeed?

Ed100 Chapter 3, freshly updated, focuses on California's teachers. The eleven lessons in this chapter cover a lot of ground. Who becomes a teacher? How are they prepared? Do half of them really quit within five years? How are teachers compensated for their important work, in terms of pay, benefits and pension?

The video below summarizes it all in less than seven minutes. Check it out and please share! It really helps.

What to expect from us

We will continue updating and releasing summary videos like this on our YouTube channel over the coming months. We plan to highlight them occasionally to our readers. Please tell friends to sign up on the Ed100 home page to receive our weekly email.

How to use these videos

School communities get the most out of Ed100 when they use it intentionally, together.

The big idea: Help communities get in the habit of talking and learning about the education system proactively, not just in response to tragedy or partisan provocation. It’s painless to add watching a video to the agenda of a PTA meeting or as a homework assignment for site council members.

For example, PTA leaders in Burbank used Ed100 to prepare their community in advance of a parcel tax proposal. Educators at CSU Monterey Bay are currently using Ed100 to help future educators learn about the education system they will work in.

Spark the conversation

Want to take this idea further? Each video in this series comes with a discussion guide, in English and Spanish. You can find it by looking for the orange star in the “In This Lesson” sidebar of each lesson (see image above).

To really go big, follow the example of Beacon Park Elementary, where a motivated parent spurred dozens of others to use Ed100 to become informed. The Ed100 Parent Leader Guide and drawing are tools to help groups build momentum.

Do you have other ideas about ways to put Ed100 to use in your community? Drop us a note!

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