Ed100 Chapter of the Month #3: Teachers

by Jeff Camp | October 1, 2018 | 0 Comments
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Teachers Make Education Happen

Student learning depends vitally on the skills, knowledge and persuasive powers of teachers. Chapter 3 demystifies the profession. There's a lot to know, and quite a few myths to bust!

This post is the third of ten for the Ed100 Chapter of the Month Program, our biggest effort yet to help parent leaders make a lasting difference in their schools and districts.

What's in Ed100 Chapter 3?

Who becomes a teacher, why, and should we be happy about it? What is the purpose of the certification process? How do teachers actually end up in their particular school and classroom? Has teacher pay improved over time or worsened? How do pensions figure into it? Do teachers improve with practice, and if so how can they get useful feedback? How does tenure work?

The lessons of Chapter 3 demystify these questions. As always, the very best way to learn from these lessons is to discuss them. To help you get the conversation going we've prepared discussion guides in English and Spanish. Each chapter is matched with a brief summary video that you can use to bring everyone into the conversation (even if they haven't actually read the lessons). Here's the discussion guide for Chapter 3 in English and Spanish:

About the Ed100 Chapter of the Month Program (CHAMP)

Each month of this school year we are featuring one chapter of Ed100 through email and social media. It's all scheduled. This month (October-November) we are featuring Chapter 3.

Each lesson of Ed100 includes a simple quiz. For Lesson 3.3, the quiz looks like this:

Ed100 Graduate CertificateEarn your Ed100 Certificate!

By completing the quizzes, you earn tickets, which help you in two ways.

First, they count toward your Ed100 Graduate Certificate, which you earn by completing the quiz for each lesson in Ed100.

Second, tickets count as chances to win in the next drawing, which is coming up on December 10. If you're lucky, a ticket you earn could win $1,000 for your PTA!

Tips for PTA Leaders:

The Ed100 drawing is a great tool for creating urgency. Your PTA could win $1,000! If you are trying to get an Ed100 group going in your school group or PTA council, a short presentation can help make it clear.

Your board members might not be the only ones interested in becoming Ed100 Graduates this year. If you have the opportunity to speak to your school community, why not invite them to join you? Tell them about your PTA board's plan to use the Ed100 Chapter of the Month.

You might also want to draw inspiration from the Ed100 Big Book of Questions, an ever-evolving public set of question slides for ALL of the lessons in Ed100. The slides don't give away the answers, but they tell you where to find them.

Here are examples from lessons in Chapter 3:

Ed100 Lesson 3.1 - Has Teacher Pay Increased?

Ed100 Lesson 3.8 - What Factors Determine a Teacher's Pay?

How can we help you succeed with Ed100? Drop me an email or leave a comment on this blog post! I'm jeffcamp@ed100.org.

P.S. Thanks to our friends at the San Mateo County Office of Education for translating ALL of our Discussion Guides into Spanish.

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