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by Jeff Camp | May 28, 2018 | 0 Comments
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A New Resource for PTA Leaders, Just in Time

With the school year coming to a close, PTA leaders, teachers and administrators are preparing to exhale. Sure, there's still plenty to do in the summer, but it's different. The daily intensity is off.

Summer is a great time to get your proverbial ducks in a row for the school year ahead. It's also a great time to think and learn.

A Plan for Transformative PTA Board Meetings

This year, reserve 15 minutes of each PTA board meeting for learning with Ed100. Here's the plan.

Based on your feedback, this summer we are hard at work on new tools to support learning within PTA boards. We know you meet regularly throughout the year. We want to help you plan ahead for those board meetings to help your board become well informed and up-to-date about California's education system.

Specifically, we are creating a set of ten Ed100 learning modules, each based on a chapter of These modules are short: about 15 minutes each, a size that can fit in your monthly PTA board meeting. Used in this way, the modules will help your board learn about California's changing education system. Knowledge builds confidence for discussion, and discussion builds engagement.

Each module includes:

  • Pre-reading material: Each month, the pre-reading for your meeting is chapter of The lessons within each chapter take about five minutes each to complete, including the quiz that earns you a chance to win $1,000 for your PTA.
  • A short video that summarizes the content of the chapter. You can use this video to bring your whole leadership team onto the "same page" — even if they haven't done the reading and earned their tickets.
  • A discussion guide to help shape your conversation, including prompts to help you clarify possible actions to take next. (For example see this discussion guide for Chapter 1)

As usual from, all of this is free and PTA-safe. Our mission is to help you develop a well-informed, engaged school community that develops future leaders. That's what we do.

How to Make It Happen

Here's some sample wording to explain this plan to your PTA board:

" is a free website that explains the California education system. It's being used in about 1,500 PTAs in California. It's an online, self-paced course. Ahead of our meeting each month, we'll read a chapter of Each lesson takes about 5 minutes to read, and about half of participants take the lessons on their phone. At the end of each lesson there's a one-question quiz. By answering it, each of us will earn a ticket in the next Ed100 drawing. We could win up to $1,000 for our PTA. Even more exciting, by end of the school year, we should all become Ed100 graduates.

At our monthly board meetings we'll set aside 15 minutes to discuss key insights and decide which lessons we want to bring to our members' attention."

Below is a rough schedule we recommend. Follow it and your entire board can become Ed100 graduates. Chapter 1 is described in a bit of detail to give you a feel for how it will work. We will add supporting material for other chapters in the coming weeks.



Topics included



Ch. 1

Are California schools behind?

Is America behind?

Why Learning Matters

When Education Fails…

The Dangers of Wishful Thinking

Are Schools Improving?

The History of Public Schools

Why Public Schools Exist





Ch. 2

In Development


Ch. 3


Ch. 4


Ch. 5
for Learning


Ch. 6
The Right


Ch. 7
The System


Ch. 8


Ch. 9, 10

To support these conversations and set the pace for them:

  • The Ed100 team will promote the "Ed100 chapter of the month" through emails to our readers and through the Ed100 Facebook page.
  • It's our hope that the Ed100 chapter of the month will help anchor a statewide conversation among PTA leaders using Facebook. We plan to make this an easy, rewarding way for participants to complete the course, earning their Ed100 Graduate certificate.
  • As an added benefit to reading lessons and taking the quizzes, your board members will earn lots of tickets in the drawing. We will hold two drawings in the 2018-19 school year, which you can use as organizing deadlines: December 11, 2018 and June 4, 2019.

We're eager for your feedback. Will these tools be useful for your board? Add your comment below, or drop me an email, or leave a comment on our Ed100 Facebook Page. What do you need from us to be successful?

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