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by Jeff Camp | November 4, 2018 | 0 Comments
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Now's the Time: Read Up!

On December 10, five users of Ed100 will win a prize of up to $1,000 for their school's PTA. Maybe you could be one of them!

All it takes to earn tickets in this drawing is a little reading. Each lesson in Ed100 explains something about California's education system. At the end of each lesson (in English or in Spanish) there is one quiz question, worth one ticket.

For example, here are five quizzes taken from the first five chapters in Ed100. Think you know an answer? Give it a shot! You might win $1,000 for your PTA.

Click to go to Lesson 1.3
Click to go to Lesson 2.9
Click to go to Lesson 3.7
Click to go to Lesson 4.6
Click to go to Lesson 5.6

Why We Hold Drawings

These drawings are designed to help PTA leaders. Let's face it: learning about the school system is the kind of thing that people tend to put off. The drawings provide a deadline for PTAs to organize around.

The drawings also help school districts, which are obligated to demonstrate that they have sought engagement and feedback about their three-year plans. The Ed100 Leaderboard shows how many tickets have been earned by participants at each school, which helps quantify the extent of a community's knowledge about the system.

Celebrating Knowledge

When you pass all of the quizzes in Ed100, you become an Ed100 graduate, like these winners from last year, pictured holding their Ed100 Graduate Certificates:

Ed100 winners

Becoming an Ed100 graduate is an achievable goal, and we want you to succeed at it. You can take the lessons on your own and on your own pace, but we know many PTAs have found it valuable to build conversations about the lessons using the Ed100 Chapter of the Month Program (CHAMP), which includes discussion guides (in English and Spanish) and summary videos (in English with Spanish subtitles).

Good luck and happy reading!

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