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by Jeff Camp | March 1, 2018 | 1 Comment
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Ed100 Sitemap

Most of our posts are short, but this one is a whopper. A reader asked if we could share the "Whole Enchilada" of Ed100. Show what's under the hood, all in one epic page. We flirted with calling it Page 42. (Hitchhikers will know why: it's the answer to life, the universe and everything.)

Why not, we thought. We've already taken a shot at this in a few ways:

  • The EdPrezi: Some years ago we used Prezi to create an all-inclusive tour of Ed100. It remains a cool way to show an overview of Ed100's lessons.
  • Our music video. Yes, really! Jeff created a four minute song that summarizes Ed100 in a lighthearted way.
  • The Ed100 Big Deck of Questions is a public slide deck full of "teasers" pulled from the lessons.

The overall structure of Ed100 is best understood from the chapter titles: "Education is Students and Teachers spending Time in Places for learning with the Right Stuff in a System with Resources for Success. So now what?"

Without further ado, here's our interactive sitemap, including all our lessons (marked with [Ξ] ) and related blog posts (marked with [»] ). If you switch between viewing Ed100 in English and Spanish (you knew you could do that, right?) this sitemap will switch, too.

Education Is... video
1.1 [Ξ] California Context: Are California's Schools Really Behind the US?video
1.2 [Ξ] International Context: Are US Schools Behind the World?video
 [»] Global Comparison: Are America's Schools World-Class? 
1.3 [Ξ] Economic Context: Schools for Knowledge Workersvideo
1.4 [Ξ] Social Context: The High Social Costs of Educational Failurevideo
 [»] Education as a Right: What is a 'Quality' Education? 
1.5 [Ξ] Wishful Thinking: Sure, But My Kid Will Be Fine... Right?video
1.6 [Ξ] Progress: Are Schools Improving?video
1.7 [Ξ] Education History: Have Schools Always Worked This Way?video
 [»] Each: A Four-Letter Word for Education 
1.8 [Ξ] Education's Purpose: What is Education For, Really?video
 [»] Gratitude : Are You Thankful for School? 
 [»] Facts : Fake News vs. Education 
...Students... video
2.1 [Ξ] Diversity in Education: The Changing Face of America's Studentsvideo
2.2 [Ξ] Poverty and Race: How Does Background Relate to School Performance?video
2.3 [Ξ] Health and Learning: Are Schools Responsible for Students' Health?video
 [»] Sleep: Should School Start Later in the Morning? 
 [»] Sex Ed: California's Policies 
 [»] Vaccination: Start School with 'Ouch!' 
2.4 [Ξ] Parents: A Child's First Teachervideo
 [»] Summer Reading: Learning for Parent Leaders 
 [»] Local Control: A Musical Call for Parent Engagementvideo
 [»] Using Ed100: Five Tips to Engage Parents 
2.5 [Ξ] Inputs and Outcomes: Inputs and Outcomesvideo
2.6 [Ξ] Motivation: What Motivates Students?video
 [»] Mindset: The Peanut-Butter Mindset 
 [»] Relevance: Why Do I Need to Learn THIS? 
2.7 [Ξ] Special Needs: Why Not Teach All Kids Alike?video
 [»] Gifted: Should Gifted Kids Get Special Treatment? 
 [»] Brain Science: Learning and the Brain - Myths and Facts 
 [»] Practice: How My Son Finally Learned His Math Facts 
 [»] Policy: The Next Big Thing -- Fix Special Education 
2.8 [Ξ] Foster Youth: Educating Foster Kidsvideo
2.9 [Ξ] Undocumented: Educating All Studentsvideo
2.10 [Ξ] Student Voice: What is the Role of the Student in Education Change?video
 [»] School Boards: What Student Board Members Should Know 
...and Teachers... video
3.1 [Ξ] Teacher Recruitment: Who Teaches, and Why?video
 [»] Shortage: A Quick Look at the Teacher Shortage 
3.2 [Ξ] Teacher Prep: How to Make a Teachervideo
3.3 [Ξ] Teacher Retention: How to Keep a Teachervideo
 [»] Gratitude: Have You Thanked a Teacher Today? 
3.4 [Ξ] Teacher Placement: Who Teaches Where?video
3.5 [Ξ] Teacher Development: How Do Teachers Improve?video
3.6 [Ξ] Teacher Collaboration: How Do Teachers Work Together?video
3.7 [Ξ] Teacher Benefits: The Benefits of Teachingvideo
3.8 [Ξ] Teacher Pay: How Has Teacher Pay Changed?video
3.9 [Ξ] Teacher Evaluation: How Do Teachers Know If They Are Succeeding? video
3.10 [Ξ] Tenure and Seniority: Good? Evil?video
3.11 [Ξ] Teacher Pensions: How Good is a Teacher's Pension?video
...Spending Time... video
4.1 [Ξ] Early Education: Yes, Preschool Mattersvideo
 [»] Early Education: A Good Beginning 
4.2 [Ξ] Class Sizes: How Big Should Classes Be?video
4.3 [Ξ] School Hours: Is There Enough Time to Learn?video
4.4 [Ξ] Time in School: Spending School Time Wellvideo
4.5 [Ξ] Extra Time: When Kids Need More Time and Attentionvideo
 [»] Homework: More Time on Task 
4.6 [Ξ] Summers: Time to Learn, or Time to Forget?video
4.7 [Ξ] After School: What Should Happen After School?video
 [»] After School: Should We Cut After-School Programs? 
 [»] Penny-wise: Funding Problems for After-School Programs 
4.8 [Ξ] Attendance and Absences: Don't Miss Class!video
 [»] Attendance: A Measure of School Success 
...In Places for Learning... video
5.1 [Ξ] Where You Live: Zip Codes and Education Destinyvideo
5.2 [Ξ] School Choice: Should You Have a Choice of Schools?video
5.3 [Ξ] Selectivity: How Schools Sort Studentsvideo
5.4 [Ξ] At Risk: When Regular School Doesn't Cut Itvideo
5.5 [Ξ] Charter Schools: Public Schools, Fewer Rulesvideo
 [»] Charters: The Future of Charter Schools 
 [»] Anybody Hungry?: Free Meals in Charter Schools 
5.6 [Ξ] Private Schools: Religion and educationvideo
 [»] Vouchers: The Right Choice? 
5.7 [Ξ] Community Schools: Could Schools Do More Than Educate?video
 [»] Community: To Make a Village 
5.8 [Ξ] Principals: The Pivotal Role of Educational Leadershipvideo
5.9 [Ξ] Facilities: What Does a School Look Like?video
 [»] Money: Parcel Taxes and Bonds Demystified 
5.10 [Ξ] School Climate: What Makes a Good School?video
 [»] Inclusiveness: Schools Should Include Everyone 
 [»] Getting Along: Making School Safe for Learning 
5.11 [Ξ] Small Schools: Oops, We Shrunk the Schools!video
5.12 [Ξ] Home Schools: How Do They Work?video
5.13 [Ξ] Discipline and Safety: Who Rules the School?video
...with the Right Stuff... video
6.1 [Ξ] Standards: How Does Common Core Work?video
6.2 [Ξ] Rigor: Is School Challenging Enough?video
6.3 [Ξ] Literacy: Learn to Read, Write and Speak Englishvideo
6.4 [Ξ] STEM and STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathvideo
6.5 [Ξ] Tests: Why Tests Matter and How They Workvideo
6.6 [Ξ] EdTech: Tech Tools for Teaching and Learningvideo
6.7 [Ξ] Engaging Students: Making School Relevantvideo
6.8 [Ξ] The Arts: Creativity in School video
6.9 [Ξ] P.E. and Athletics: How Does Sweat Help Learning?video
6.10 [Ξ] Field Trips: Do They Matter? Who Pays?video
6.11 [Ξ] Career Learning: Connecting Learning with Earningvideo
6.12 [Ξ] Service Learning: Learning to Helpvideo
6.13 [Ξ] Social-Emotional Learning: Intangibles that Support Academics video
6.14 [Ξ] Character: Can Values and Habits be Taught?video
 [»] Surveys: Can the Content of Character Be Measured? 
6.15 [Ξ] Geography, History, Civics: When, Where and Whyvideo
 [»] Civics: Musings on our Nation's Birthday 
 [»] Presidents Day: Make it a Worthy Day 
 [»] Bill of Rights: Commemorating Ten Crucial Amendments 
 [»] Constitution Week: What do California schools teach about citizenship? 
6.16 [Ξ] World Language: How Not To Raise Ugly Americansvideo
6.17 [Ξ] Personal Finance: Learning Money Mattersvideo a System... video
7.1 [Ξ] The State: The Buck Stops in Sacramentovideo
 [»] LCFF: Five Stanzas for Jerry Brown 
 [»] Elections: Decisions that Matter for Kids 
7.2 [Ξ] The Feds: Provoking Change in Educationvideo
7.3 [Ξ] School Districts: In Charge of Most Local Schoolsvideo
 [»] Candidates: Running for School Board 
 [»] School Boards: School Boards Demystified 
 [»] Organization: Schools Are Like Businesses 
7.4 [Ξ] Counties: When Education Crosses Boundariesvideo
 [»] Counties: A Weird New Map of California 
7.5 [Ξ] Unions: Don't Underestimate Themvideo
7.6 [Ξ] Initiatives: Power to the People?video
7.7 [Ξ] Politics and Philanthropy: Politics and Philanthropyvideo
7.8 [Ξ] Accountability: Principles and Policiesvideo
7.9 [Ξ] Intervening in Schools: Acting When Schools Failvideo
7.10 [Ξ] Three year plans: How the LCAP Worksvideo
 [»] Local Control: What's an LCAP? 
 [»] Ed100: Why does Ed100 exist? 
...with Resources... video
8.1 [Ξ] Skimpy Spending: Does California Skimp on Education?video
 [»] School Funding: Is Bad Good Enough? 
 [»] Sorry, Kids: Another Skimpy Budget for California Education 
 [»] Five Questions: Move the discussion toward topics that matter. 
8.2 [Ξ] What Ed Budgets Buy: What They Buyvideo
 [»] Funding in Context: Flush With Cash? 
 [»] How It Adds Up: How much does it cost to provide a K-12 education? 
8.3 [Ξ] Who Pays for Schools: Where Public School Funds Come Fromvideo
 [»] What If: A Tandem Bike for Funding California's Schools 
8.4 [Ξ] Prop 13 and Prop 98 : Simple Votes Created Complex Rulesvideo
8.5 [Ξ] The Funding Formula: LCFF Allocates Funds to School Districtsvideo
8.6 [Ξ] Categorical Funds: Special Ed and Other Funding Exceptionsvideo
8.7 [Ξ] How Schools Get Money: Districts Fund Schoolsvideo
8.8 [Ξ] Effectiveness: Is Education Money Well Spent?video
8.9 [Ξ] Funding Options: What Are the Options for More?video
8.10 [Ξ] Parcel Taxes: Only in
 [»] Demystified: Parcel Taxes and Bonds Demystified 
8.11 [Ξ] Volunteers: Stealth Wealth for Schoolsvideo
...for Success video
9.1 [Ξ] Measuring Education: For Kids and For Schools video
9.2 [Ξ] Report Cards and Scores: How Well is My Kid Doing?video
9.3 [Ξ] Standardized Tests: Measures of Student Learning video
9.4 [Ξ] Ready Beyond 12: College and Careervideo
9.5 [Ξ] Education Data: Keeping Track of the Systemvideo
9.6 [Ξ] Achievement Gaps: The System’s Biggest Challengevideo
9.7 [Ξ] Measuring Schools: Measuring School Performancevideo
 [»] Dashboard 5: The Dashboard for English Learners 
 [»] Dashboard 4: California's Common Core Dashboard 
 [»] Dashboard 3: How the Dashboard Gets Its Colors 
 [»] Dashboard 2: What's on the Dashboard? 
 [»] Dashboard 1: California's New School Dashboard 
 [»] ROI: How Should the Success of Schools Be Measured? 
9.8 [Ξ] After High School: What California’s System Providesvideo
 [»] Congratulations: Here's to Ed100 Graduates! 
9.9 [Ξ] Paying for College: High Hopes and College Loansvideo
10 So Now What? video
10.1 [Ξ] Big Ideas: Big Ideas for Education Changevideo
10.2 [Ξ] Go Big: What Money Might Dovideo
10.3 [Ξ] Go Lean: Education for Even Less?video
10.4 [Ξ] What Causes Change: Triggers for Changes in Policyvideo
 [»] EdExcellence: Getting Down to Facts 
10.5 [Ξ] Learn More: Organizations and Resourcesvideo
 [»] Sources: Five Go-To Education Websites 
 [»] Interesting Questions: New ways to learn from Ed100 
More Using Ed100 Effectively  
  [Ξ] About Ed100  video
  [Ξ] Win $1,0000 for your PTAvideo
  [Ξ] Tips to Win more for your PTA 
  [Ξ] Past winners of Ed100 drawings 
  [Ξ] Rules of Ed100 drawings 
  [Ξ] Top schools on this year's leaderboard 
  [Ξ] Top schools on the all-time leaderboard 
  [Ξ] Parent Leader Guide: Resources for meetings & messages 
  [Ξ] Your Profile: Print your Ed100 Certificate 

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Gail Monohon March 6, 2018 at 8:10 am
Nice overview -- thank you!
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